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How to manage your projects

CSC Project needs to be extended yearly.

  • Project members receive reminders about the project expiration.
  • The Project Manager can extend the project in MyCSC
  • When granted new billing units (BU) project is extended automatically by a year.
  • Projects that use Fairdata IDA will be extended automatically.


Project Manager’s CSC account inactivation closes the project for all project members.

  • The Project Manager’s CSC account needs to be kept active by changing password yearly and keeping user information such as email address up to date. If needed, Project Manager is responsible for transferring Project Manager duties to another member of the Project.

Users are primarily responsible for moving data or deleting the project content themselves before the project is closed. If you're unsure about your CSC Project's or Account's status, please log in MyCSC to extend your project or change your account password. If you want to close your Project, change your account email address or change the Project Manager, kindly contact ServiceDesk

Project lifetime extension

You can apply for an initial project lifetime extension of one year.

  1. Login to MyCSC.
  2. Choose My Projects in the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Choose the project you want to extend
  4. Click on the 'Extend' button
  5. Accept the changes by clicking the 'Apply' button
  6. Your project lifetime is now extended by one year.

Information on specific project

Extend your project lifetime by pressing apply

Project closure

CSC Projects will automatically close when they reach their end date. Before the Project ends all Project members receive multiple email messages regarding the closure. Project Manager is able to extend the Project before the Project is closed.

Project Manager can close the Project earlier in MyCSC portal. Project members will receive notification when the CSC Project is closed. Please note that content in services will be deleted after Project closure. If you want to preserve any content (i.e. data, software, servers, systems or processes), please export and delete them from CSC services before the Project end date. Content can't be retrieved after 90 days of Project closure.

When the Project is closed

  • All content in services will be deleted.
  • Users are not able to use the services which have been applied for the Project.

If you need a confirmation after all content has been deleted from services, please contact Service Desk.

Last update: June 8, 2022