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Rahti billing


  • Billing unit (BU): A unit used for billing at CSC - each resource consumes a given amount of BUs per hour.
  • CSC computing project: A placeholder for the user's resources information - including: the number of BUs and the CSC services which are available for use.
  • OpenShift project: A Kubernetes namespace with additional annotations.

Billing model

NOTE: Starting from 1.02.2020, using Rahti consumes CSC Billing Units.

Billing units are calculated by scraping usage data from all of the OpenShift projects owned by the user. These calculations are based on:

  • Pod core usage (per core hour)
  • Pod memory usage (per RAM GB hour)
  • Persistent volumes (per TiB hour)

The rate at which billing units are consumed depends on the size of the resources. Billing units are consumed as follows:

Resource Billing units
Pod core hour 0,5
Pod RAM GB hour 1
Storage TiB hour 3

Cost will be calculated based on actual resources request with cpu, ram and storage rather than actual usage. Currently, Rahti does not bill for the stored images.

For example, let's say you create a pod with the following specs:

  • 0.2 cores
  • 512 MiB RAM

You also create a persistent volume of size 10 GiB and attach it to the pod. The cost in BUs can be calculated as follows:

0.20.5 + (512/1024)1 + (10/1024)*3 = 0,6293 BUs