Table of Contents

Creating a new project

A CSC user account is required for creating new projects.

  1. Login to MyCSC.
  2. Choose My projects in the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Scroll down to the end of the page and choose Create a new project.
  4. Fill in the project name and description.
  5. Select the project type.
  6. Does your project handle personal data? Select Yes or No. Read more about handling personal data in your project.
  7. Tick the boxes I am eligible to be a project manager... and I have read and accepted the General Terms of Use for...
  8. Click Create project.


If your work belongs to any of the free-of-charge use cases, select Academic as the project type. Otherwise, select Commercial. Academic projects can be opened only by employees of Finnish higher education institutions, state research institutes, and CSC. Commercial projects can be opened by anyone.

Project are usually valid for one year at a time, but they can be extended. To extend a project, contact us at