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Joining the Virtual Organization

Use of the FGCI computing environment is controlled through Virtual Organizations (VO). A VO refers to group of users that utilize some grid resource according to a set of resource sharing rules and conditions. In turn, the grid resource providers use VOs to control the access and usage of the grid resources. At a practical level, a membership in a VO grants permission to use the grid resource. Virtual Organizations are typically linked to a distinct set of grid resources that are provided to some specific branch of science and/or geographical region.

Currently all FGCI usage is controlled through the one VO called This is the same VO that was previously used for FGI grid and the name was preserved when FGCI was taken in use. In the future there may also be other, more focused VOs in FGCI. The VO is open for all academic university researchers working in Finland.

Then go to FGI Virtual Organization web page

This web page authenticates you using the personal X509 grid certificate installed in your browser. Therefore it is preferred that you use the same machine and browser for obtaining both the certificate and for joining the VO.

In the FGI VO web page, fill the form with you personal information and read the Acceptable Use Policy and accept it. After that you will receive an e-mail confirmation request in your mailbox. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail. After finishing the VO membership application process it will take some time before the VO membership is activated. Normally the membership will be activated within one working day after the application process is finished.