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Table of Contents

The Allas object storage

This Allas object storage service user guide consists of three parts:


A technical overview of the service. Recommended reading before starting to use Allas.

Accessing Allas

A summary of the most commonly used Allas tools.

Graphical user interfaces

  • web client A part of the Pouta www interface. Limited performance. No configuration steps needed.
  • CyberDuck An easy-to-use graphical object storage client for Windows and MacOS.

Command line tools

Available in Puhti and Mahti. These can be installed to local Linux and Mac OSX too.

  • a-commands Easy-to-use command line tools developed for using Allas in the CSC computing environments.
  • rclone A versatile command line client for Allas and other object storage systems.
  • Swift A native Swift command line client.
  • s3cmd A command line client for the S3 protocol.
  • Python Programmatic access to Allas.

Example commands for Puhti and Mahti

Open connection:

module load allas

Basic Allas operations with different tools.

Tool List objects in bucket buck_123 Upload file data1.txt to bucket buck_123 Download file data1.txt from bucket buck_123
a-commands a-list buck_123 a-put data1.txt -b buck_123 a-get buck_123/data1.txt.zst
rclone rclone ls allas:buck_123 rclone copy data1.txt allas:buck_123/ rclone copy allas:buck_123/data1.txt ./
Swift swift list buck_123 swift upload buck_123 data1.txt swift download buck_123 data1.txt
s3cmd* s3cmd ls s3://buck_123 s3cmd put data1.txt s3://buck_123/ s3cmd get s3://buck_123/data1.txt

*For s3cmd, open Allas connection with commandallas-conf -m s3cmd

Understanding error messages

Allas and cPouta object storage, what has changed?

CSC has previously provided the Pouta object storage service that is now merged to the Allas service. This chapter explains the changes that this merging causes to existing Pouta object storage users.