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Allas and cPouta object storage, what's new?

Allas is a new object storage service, central in data management at CSC.

How does this affect cPouta object storage users?

In short, Allas is an evolution of the cPouta object storage. Current users of the cPouta object storage are not affected. All data will be carried over to Allas.

What should I know about this change?

All projects that previously had cPouta access also have Allas access by default. Projects requesting cPouta access only receive access to cPouta, not Allas. Allas access has to be requested separately.

Any data uploaded to Allas is by default found under the "" domain instead of "" domain. The old domain name can still be used to access data.

The billing unit costs of Allas are significantly lower than in Pouta. The performance of the service is also much improved.

The technical release date for the Allas service was 29.9.2019.