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  • Summary

  • Getting access

  • Quickstart:Processing sensitive data using SD Desktop

  • Quickstart:Sharing sensitive data with SD Connect

  • Useful terminology

Sensitive Data Connect (SD Connect)

  • Before you start

  • Login

  • User Interface

  • Encryption with CSC encryption key - User Interface

  • Data upload using SD Connect user interface

  • Encryption with CSC encryption key- Command Line Interface

  • Programmatic data upload and download with SD Connect

  • Data Sharing with SD Connect user interface

  • Troubleshooting

Sensitive Data Desktop (SD Desktop)

  • Before you start

  • Login

  • Launching your Desktop (or your private computing environment)

  • Importing encrypted sensitive data to SD Desktop

  • RStudio in SD Desktop

  • Deleting your computing environment

  • Data export from SD Desktop

  • Troubleshooting

Pre-installed software in SD Desktop

Utilizing singularity containers in SD Desktop

Data encryption for data sharing

  • Before you start

  • Crypt4GH Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Crypt4GH Command Line Interface (CLI)

  • Troubleshooting