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Training & tutorials

CSC Summer School in High-Performance Computing, 26.6.2022-5.7.2022

The CSC Summer School in High-Performance Computing is back! See here for more information and register now!

New guide for getting started with machine learning at CSC, 8.4.2022

Even experienced machine learning users might have a hard time taking the leap into the supercomputer environment as things work a bit differently than in the personal computing environment. We have now created a guide to help people get started with doing machine learning at CSC. The guide shows, step by step, how to get your codes and data to Puhti and running on GPUs.

How does LUMI-C differ from Mahti? 6.4.2022

A brief overview of key differences between LUMI-C and CSC supercomputers, notably Mahti, has been published. See this page to quickly understand which aspects you should be mindful of when starting as a new LUMI user as well as where to get more information!

Tutorial on managing data on scratch disks, 5.4.2022

A best practice guide on managing data on Puhti and Mahti scratch disks has been published. The tutorial explains why it's important to keep your project's scratch disk free from inactive data and gives recommendations on what you should do with data that is not currently in active use. Tips on how to identify where you have large amounts of data are also provided, along with a note on the future automatic removal of files.

FireWorks workflow tool, 15.2.2022

A guide on using FireWorks in CSC's computing environment has been released. The guide explains how to use an external MongoDB on Rahti as a backend database for FireWorks and how to launch workflows running parallel jobs through the batch queue system.

Accessing databases on Rahti from CSC supercomputers, 8.2.2022

A tutorial on how to connect to databases on Rahti from CSC supercomputers has been published. The tutorial describes the process of setting up MongoDB on Rahti and how to establish an HTTP-compatible connection between the database and Puhti/Mahti using the WebSocat tool.

New machine learning guide released, 20.12.2021

Our Machine learning guide has been updated and expanded. It now includes subsections on: